10 amazing facts about gorilla

They share somewhere between 95% and 7% of our DNA! Female gorillas approach their a breeding stages after about 10 years. While many find them to be extremely ferocious creatures, they are actually the total opposite in nature and can warm up to humans easily compared to other wild animals. They are known for their use of tools and their varied communication. They also walk upright like humans. Fact 2 A male gorilla weighs around 600 lbs and the female weights about 200-300 lbs. They are able to see in colour. Sex, Okra and Salted Butter France (2008) News October 15, 2016. Gorillas are not only hunted by humans, but also by alligators and cheetahs. Gorillas will never sleep in the same nest twice. Films March 15, 2014. Their brains weigh only twenty ounces. Africa Utopia. 10 Amazing Facts about Gorillas. Gorillas are considered to be very intelligent animals. Mountain Gorillas are one of the most delightfully friendly and loving animals in the world. 15. Exploring Uganda’s Top Primates – Gorillas, Chimps & Golden Monkeys. Interesting Facts About Mountain Gorillas Amazing Facts, Blog, Gorillas, Wildlife. Gorillas are one of our closest family members after chimpanzees and bonobos. They are scientifically known as the Gorilla Beringei Beringei; Scientific classification. Entertainment October 15, 2017. Top Amazing Facts Of Gorilla. 6. Gorillas can live up to 54 years of age. 17. Films July 30, 2015. Fact 1 Gorillas walk by putting weight on their knuckles and arms which are longer than their legs. Researchers have demonstrated that gorillas show a singular character. Mountain Gorilla Faces . Ten fun facts about Gorillas. Related Post: 10 Amazing Animal Facts (Horse) 5. 12 Amazing Facts About Mountain Gorillas Did you know!!! A Time There Was: History of the Mau Mau. The 13th Annual London African Music Festival . 1. Some gorillas in captivity at a zoo have been taught to use sign language. Mountain gorillas are very interesting primates. 10 Fascinating Facts About Gorillas. All of their senses are very highly developed. We humans also are destroying their natural habitat. These 10 facts about mountain gorillas will give you an in-depth understanding of these gentle creatures. Fact 3 These primates live on fruits, vines, leaves, stems and bamboo. Gorillas and chimpanzees walk down quadrupeds (on the ground) and use their knuckles to convey the heaviness of their head and middle. 16. When a baby gorilla is taken away forcefully by humans for use to display in the zoos, the mother gorilla and other gorillas who try to defend back; are killed. Females usually give birth after 4 – 5 years with an estimated gestation period of eight to nine months. Animals August 1, 2019. Mountain Gorillas are peculiar primates that share over 98% of their DNAs with humans. Gorillas are hunted for their meat by humans.

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