ba ii plus reset decimals

BA II Plus BUSINESS II Plus BUSINESS for instance. For example, press $ to turn the calculator on or off. which is printed in yellow above the key. This is a hard reset that should return everything to original factory settings. if you tell it to do .06*.08 it spits out 0.00 Press 9, then ENTER. To clear screen 2nd Quit (or Cpt) 3. Here, is a TI-BA-II-Plus complete manual. Press the up or down arrow until you see "DEC=" 3. Enter (or Set) ->RST 0.00. theres so many buttons and i have no manual. 2. Keys and 2nd Functions. Press 2nd+FORMAT. Type in <9> . The primary function of each key is printed on the key. This area allows you to change the number of decimals displayed by the calculator. You can press it with a pencil or paperclip. First enter <2nd> . 9 will be displayed with no decimal places to the right. You may have to reset some things like the number of decimal places. Also for: Ba ii plus pro - ba ii plus professional financial calculator, Ba-20 profit manager, Baiiplus - ba ii plus financial calculator. I don't know if it is the same on the BA II Plus, but here's what to do on the BA II Plus Professional: 1. BA II PLUS calculator pdf manual download. This will bring up DEC=2. TI-BA-II-Plus quick guide. To turn on the calculator off, press [ON/OFF]. Some keys provide a secondary function. CMA Study Group. Using the Texas Instrument BA II Plus Settings Before using your calculator, you need to change two settings. View Only Community Home Discussion 13.9K Library 394 Events 0 Members 142K « Return to TI BAII Plus tutorial 2. This is only a quick guide. 1. TI BA II PLUS: User Guide. This preview shows page 10 - 16 out of 26 pages.. *For this class, have your decimal point set to 4 decimals. Reset Method 2: There is a recessed button on the back of the calculator. and its really annoying. BASIC STEPS IN TEXAS INSTRUMENTS BA II PLUS CALCULATOR. 4 BA II PLUS™ Calculator. To turn on the calculator on, press [ON/OFF]. To set the number of decimal places that show on your calculator from 2 to 9, press This How to clear/reset calculator 2nd Reset (or +/-) ->RST ? To set payment per year (P/Y) and compounding per year (C/Y) The calculator will always set the P/Y and C/Y to 12 each time the calculator is reset (as done in (1)) i have a TI BAII Plus, and it keeps rounding things to only 2 decimal places. how do i stop this? View and Download Texas Instruments BA II PLUS user manual online.

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