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This is an easy one. I hope not. The trick is to dress up cheap eats so that you can snag bargains on the food, but not sacrifice the tone or the theme of the baby shower. However, if you’ve already blown most of your budget elsewhere, you might need to be careful how much you spend on food. recipe for these spicy chicken meatballs. Baby Shower Food Ideas Sign up for BBVA checking & savings accounts by November 27, 2020 and get up to a $250 bonus . Click here for this EASY sausage and pineapple appetizer recipe. What can be easier than throwing all the ingredients in the slow cooker, and then serving it? A light cake such as strawberry shortcake is perfect for brunch or lunch parties, but it can be ho-hum when doled out in slices. Instead of setting out lackluster cupcakes, search the Web for cupcake liner printables. It makes for a cute decor addition, as well as something that the guests can add to their plates. googletag.enableServices(); This is a spicy but delicious one, and oh-so-popular. A cute way to pay homage to the mom’s pregnancy and help fill in the gaps of a food table is to offer some of the mom’s favorite cravings with note cards explaining each. Before yo, Our children are our blessings, and as we live thr, Got the accessories. It may spill all over someone’s fancy outfit. (According to renowned chefs, food stands out when you use a white backdrop.) The content on is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice. Click here for the recipe for these sausage pretzel bites. As you would have noticed from the very comprehensive list of baby shower finger food ideas listed above, there are a ton of baby shower finger foods you can serve. Easy to make too. Click here for the recipe of Oscar Tomato Tarts, courtesy of Grandbaby Cakes. Click here for this bacon brown sugar smokies recipe. Also, you can prepare everything in advance and just serve it when your baby shower starts. It’s not a baby shower without a ton of cute edibles for guests to pick at. Find the recipe here. Who does not love a good taco dip – this one’s got 8 layers! Click here for the recipe of Cheesy Party Burgers. Click here for the recipe. Despite what movie theaters would have you believe, popcorn is actually one of the cheapest foods to prepare. Or if there are more than 20 guests invited, consider having two tables or setting up food stations around the room. How fancy but truly simple! Advertiser Disclosure: The credit card and banking offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies and banks from which receives compensation. Apparently, it can. Then, pop your carrots, celery, cucumber spears, and whatever else you have into the cup, standing them up vertically. Expert Tips On Serving Baby Shower Finger Foods What Kinds Of Foods To Add To Your Baby Shower Menu. Another Expert Tip: If you’re worried about running out of food, keep a few easy appetizers in the refrigerator or pantry. References to products, offers, and rates from third party sites often change. Click here for the recipe. Do place the plates, utensils and napkins together at the start of the buffet line. Looking for baby shower foods with a delicious crunch? These are perfect for bright, summer baby showers. For example, if there are vegetarians or people with gluten sensitivities, be sure to have a few vegetable dishes. Click here for the recipe. Get a package of skewers and cut the cake into cubes. Click here for the ingredients and the full recipe. 2. Pregnant women do not eat things like sushi, unpasteurized cheeses, deep-sea fish that are high in mercury, soft cheeses, unpasteurized milk, pate, caffeine, smoked seafood, fish exposed to industrial pollutants, raw shellfish, raw eggs, unwashed fruits and vegetables, undercooked meats, and of course – alcohol. Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs This is the alternative to the fried version above. With over 14 years of copywriting experience, she's created content and scripting for organizations such as GE, Walgreens, Overstock, and MasterCard. Here’s the complete recipe. As you would have noticed from the very comprehensive list of baby shower finger food ideas listed above, there are a ton of baby shower finger foods you can serve. Use the resources below to make your life A LOT easier. Every mom-to-be has cravings every now and again. Please read my, Copyright © 2020 - TulaMama. Click here for the recipe of these spinach and ricotta rolls. © 2020 Money Crashers, LLC. What a crowd pleaser. googletag.cmd.push(function() { This will ease congestion. To guarantee a diverse baby shower finger food spread, serve a combination of easy appetizers that satisfy a few of the following food categories: As you make your baby shower food menu selection, consider that you will need to carefully plan and calculate everything. Click here for the recipe. Find the recipe here. Click here for the complete recipe. In fact, you could buy julienne vegetables from the store or cut them yourself with a julienne slicer. Paper plates are easy and convenient but are you serving bbq chicken on droopy paper plates, for example? If you are having a sit-down baby shower, you would serve plated meals. Click here for the recipe of these spinach and ricotta rolls. So you’re planning a baby shower, and you’ve got the decorations, the games, and even the gift – so what’s missing? If you are serving baby shower foods that need to stay warm (without drying it out), use a. While we do our best to keep these updated, numbers stated on this site may differ from actual numbers. If you’re looking for easy baby shower food, this could be part of your menu. Potato au gratin is quite a popular baby shower food idea but best served warm. This tells people where to start. Fold over the top of the bag neatly, and microwave it for approximately three minutes. Baby shower food should look as good as tastes, so take some time to think up different presentations for the food you’re preparing. Click here for the recipe of these delicious bacon mac and cheese bites. If you are using paper plates, go for. Sweets like fruit and preserves pair nicely with the saltiness of the cheese and meat. Click here for this bacon brown sugar smokies recipe. But in the event that it did, pin it and do consider coming back to reread it. Click here for this delicious recipe. Veggie trays add a ton of color to a shower food table, but they also usually result in guests congregating around the food, which can make for problems if you’re at capacity. Also, move chairs away from the buffet table – unless you want people to sit close to the buffet table. Consider what you are serving, and on what are you serving it? Should you need such advice, consult a licensed financial or tax advisor. Click here for the recipe. Click here for the complete recipe, which by the way, is prepared in a crockpot. Pop it next to a big bowl of corn chips and your guests can serve themselves. However, the trend has very strongly moved towards baby shower finger foods, which is why this post is all about finger foods for your baby shower.

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