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Break Bond will send the follower off to some nice place, never to be seen again. The number of added points is random, but seem to average around 5 per level. Several items on the wheel are self-evident, such as guard, follow or stop following, cancel. Of the first selection, Tactics is the simplest and has three options: Engagement has several key selections and can be fine-tuned for the situation. Your follower will not attack at 16 meters, but will jump into the frey at 14 meters. The same conditions apply as with Move; they will immediately return to combat. Not only will the thrall stop where he is, but he will not defend himself. Pict 12. The second temple can be found on the I8 tile at the bottom right. They can be used as servants, either working at crafting stations, as companions following the player or as lookouts guarding buildings. The distinction between Fighter and Archer is still in effect, but there are some Fighters with more Accuracy than Strength and vice versa. Conan Exiles’ Isle of Siptah has brought us wonderful new content to get into. Guarding, Following, Scouting or Returning Home. Move will command the thrall to move to the targeted location. Attack All Enemies is good for guarding, not so much for following, depending on the surroundings. The tab is called Followers and can be accessed from the Inventory page. Attack Nothing is taken literally and is a welcome addition for entertainers; just stand there, we will handle it. Ever wondered how you can get a Thrall of your own, guarding your mighty palace as it threatens any players who dare approach your mighty fortress of solitude? Guard Me makes you the center of the guard area. These controls persist through logout and server reset. Singleclick to move if nothing is targeted; attack if something is targeted. The Attribute Bonuses area shows the result of the follower's current stats. The Thrall will wake up when the white bar has fully recovered, so wearing it down regularly makes the thrall stay unconscious. The thralls listed below often include the in-game map coordinates where they can spawn. Though it is worth noting that while the thrall is bound with any kind of binding, the white bar will temporarily stop recovering. Most can be visually identified from a distance by what they are holding, e.g. Thralls can not die from hunger and will not lose any HP due to lack of food over any period of time. 1 Since the effect is a multiplier, the Edgesmith and Fletcher will not have any effect on a weapon with zero armor pen. Be aware there are hidden multipliers to strength and accuracy that do, Perks are gained when the follower reaches levels 10, 15 and 20. Some functions can be accessed remotely if you are not near the thrall you want to manipulate. "Thrall patrols" are a requested feature which is not currently planned. Similarly, ranged-leveled thralls, appropriately placed, provide excellent defense for your base. The selections are situational but you can find a combination that fits your playstyle and vary it, or not, leaving it preset for any location or fight. To determine the rate and which apply, please see XP requirements and the section below it. Zingaran To activate the event, you are going to want to get Decaying Eldarium. Points of Interest, NPCs, Thralls, Resources, etc Simply command your thrall to Follow to return to the previous state. Khitan 8. Thralls on guard will want different selections than those following. At each level gain, points are added to their attributes in a semi-random fashion. You must be within a certain range for this command to be effective. The pair of gears in the lower left opens his inventory, but that can be done with a single interact click. What Class of thrall is it, Fighter, Archer, Bearer or Entertainer (this may include pets/horses). Guard me is ineffective since you may be at the other end of the base. Crafting thralls need no leveling; they are immediately ready to be placed into the appropriate equipment. List of thrall "recruitment" locations ** Spoiler Warning ** If you want to explore the game and find your own sources for thralls, stop reading and close this thread now. If you do not log in in 15 days they will disappear as shown under Settings:Server Settings:Abandonment (private servers may be adjusted). They will not return to their last guard spot unless: You leave the general area for some period of time. So, that's setup, but what about while in combat? Attack All Enemies will make the thrall aggressive to anything within its attack range. Kushite 9. Every specialization has 4 different levels, or tiers, identified with a I, II, or III at the end of their name, with tier 4 thralls being uniquely named. On PvP servers, it is usually a bad idea to leave a combat thrall out in the open, or anywhere a passing enemy might snipe the thrall with their bow. Under these conditions, the thrall goes into Scouting Mode and will return to their last guard spot after approximately 15 minutes of inactivity. Aquilonian 2. Cimmerian 3. After you have 50, you will be capable of starting the event. The foods shown in their inventory screen provide an increased chance to gain various stat points upon leveling; as well as a Strength buff, visible on their health bar. Hyborian 5. One of the two temples can be found on the G10 tile, at the bottom left. Unnamed City). One of the two temples can be found on the G10 tile, at the bottom left. 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