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Thank you very much for your superb work! The one final comment we have on this is on the recommendation to “take lots of practice tests”. The whole point of the tests is to learn the material and gain proficiency. […] I made extensive use of some memorization “hacks” & tips” in this article. Too bad the Ham and FCC world doesn’t think that way. The ARRL sample tests are fun. I have read a number of posts and have to say agree about the number of questions. With that, on my first try on the ARRL site, I got 91% on the technician, 91% on the general, and 80% on the AE sample exams. At the end of the day, though, it’s just one tool — there are a zillion (exactly a zillion, I counted!) Just remember “Do a good TURN daily for one month”. View Question Pool Element 3: General. General class (Element 3) Pool is effective July 1, 2019 and is valid until June 30, 2023. Here’s my 2 cents on memorization vs actual knowledge of whatever the heck it is you’re attempting to learn.. if that makes any sense. Highlight correct answers. I had just found this thread accidentally while doing a Google search. I for one am glad they don’t make it easy as it would just degrade the value of ham radio. Otherwise, Ham radio would go the way of CB. Only show correct answers. This is an easy formula to remember: Half-power bandwidth = Resonant frequency / Q Just mind the MHz to KHz conversion (multiple the answer by 1000). After just a few days of studying, I felt I was ready for the technician test and started studying for the General license. Learn about modulation, RF propagation, and antennas. These strategies can help you remember much of the test content. Spent more time studying than I needed to to make it happen. Every person is different, but perhaps this technique will help someone. Show question numbers. You will never learn all of the exam material. Your email address will not be published. The flashcards should keep giving you new cards forever; if you ever hit “the end’ then there is a problem with the system. I passed using! Now delete all of the wrong answers, and you are left with just the question and correct answer, as shown. While studying for the Extra I came across several hacks that gave me confidence and helped pared down the question pool. Thanks a million. “2, 4, 6, 8, the last three do a dipole make!” 468 / desired frequency in MHz = 1/2 wave dipole length. If you drag it out, you’ll forget things or get burned out. The license classes, frequency and power privileges will change a little, so study FCC section 97 there, but the technology information is the same. Thank you! Too much math! He held a GROL (as I do), and was a chief engineer at a TV station before deciding he’d rather teach. Thanks HamStudy! Oh my! If you’re like me, my brain just isn’t that big. Knowing this eliminates two possible answers giving you a 50/50 chance. But it’s actually much easier to find the right answer – all of them contain the number 14. I am finding on the ones I miss are ones I would have recognized the correct answer if I had read it instead of picking the first one that sounded close. Or, you can just remember “5 MHz” – the correct answer to these four questions is always the value closest to 5MHz. However, 9 of the 11 answers to these questions can be found by simply remembering the following: -45, 45, <45. http://localhost:8080/2015/01/hacking-the-general-and-extra-exams-from-n7smi/. Thank you for all you do!!! I just passed my Extra and didn’t really do many of these suggestions. It was a bit more difficult, but after another 4 days, I knew I had it in the bag. So simply remember “14” and that voltage leads if XL is bigger than XC to ace this section. There are 11 questions about polar coordinates which involve several very complex formulas. I took my Extra exam a couple of weeks ago after having an Advanced class license for about 45 years. If you can find and send me the questions for study then I’m happy to put them up! If a listed answer contains -45, that’s the correct answer. It was last year I studied for my state and the national building codes to become a town or county inspector. VCR is Ohm’s law: Voltage = Current X Resistance. All I care about is if you’re smart enough to know how to look it up when you need it.”. Many of them don’t have published pools. If you have any suggestions, please share. It IS possible to take all 3 tests at once and pass them. If -45 isn’t an option, then the correct answer … Its not difficult if you put you time in to study. If a listed answer contains -45, that’s the correct answer. I have all 3 groups basically in the bag.. in the 90% correct bracket on all 3. Now I’m going for the General. On hamexam. I definitely need to read the rest of the AE chapters. If your goal is to know all the content or get 100% on the test, you will be studying for a very, very long time. See examples below.’s flashcards are a far more efficient way to study questions because they are intelligent! I also took section quizzes after I finished a study section just to instill the card info. Well, I think I’ve known that. The difference was you didn’t need to remember everything just know how and where to find that info. PVC is the power law equation: Power = Voltage X Current. Thank you. different ways you could prepare for the exam, and as long as you got it you Did It Right! Now when I say ‘hacking’, I don’t mean cheating, but I am referring to strategies for passing the test while also learning the necessary material. In fact, you can just skip all the math questions entirely and do just fine. Even though I am an electrical engineer, I got questions wrong because they were asked in a weird way. It’s a lot like Algebra in High School… you’ll never use it again. Everyone studies different, so the goal is to provide whatever is needed. Study the correct answers and ignore the incorrect answers/distractors. This looks helpful for one who has failed the AE twice. I know everyone learns and studies differently. Thank you very very much for helping me accomplish something I never thought I’d accomplish. I recommend it to everyone wanting to get into HAM radio! =]. There are two versions, one edited by K8TB, and one edited by AD7FO. I had one very astute teacher in my Communications Electronics college classes. Technician, General and Extra class pool questions with only the correct answers Listed below are the full pool questions for the three licenses, with only the correct answers. After reading a tip that Pool Group 1, 2, and 4 contain 5 questions each on the General test I decided to study those question pools first and get em knocked out. I have read about 2/3 of the Amateur Extra ARRL license manual so far.

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