greensand fertilizer for sale

Down To Earth Greensand is composed primarily of glauconite, a blue-green siliceous mineral that is harvested from marine sedimentary … NOTE: Greensand is a slow release insoluble source of potash and trace elements. DTE Greensand … Espoma #GS36 36LBLB Greensand … $18.25. Improves moisture holding capacity of garden soils and potting mixes. … DTE Greensand is highly recommended for vegetables, fruits, herbs, lawns, ornamentals and all types of trees and shrubs. This green colored sand has a fine sandy like formulation. Traditionally used to loosen heavy clay soil or to hold together loose sandy soils, DTE Greensand is able to absorb up to one-third its weight in water to improve the moisture holding capacity of garden soils and potting mixes. If there is an immediate need for available potash, it is suggested that Greensand Plus (a combination of Greensand … Down to Earth Organic Greensand Fertilizer, 5 lb 4.8 out of 5 stars 128. 7 . Apply at 1-2 … A popular soil amendment and natural source of potash! $19.99. 15% potash and contains 30+ trace minerals. Down to Earth Organic Langbeinite Fertilizer Mix 0-0-22, 5 lb 4.6 out of 5 stars 205. Loosens clay soils, binds and catalyzes release of additional nutrients from the soil.

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