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Black composition construction knife clamp fits virtually all blade thicknesses. One side of the Double-Sided Diafold sharpener … Scratch free. DMT Angle Guide For professional sharpening results, regardless of skill, you can depend on DMT Aligner Kits and Accessories and Aligner Blade Guide for use with any sharpening stone Both novice and professional will appreciate its 7-angle adjustments for precise, professional, consistent sharpening … Can be used as a blade guide with DMT Diamond Whetstone, … The MAGKIT-4 Magna-Guide kit offers portable sharpening using 2 Double Sided Diafold sharpeners that provide 4 diamond grits. This professional knife sharpener features the Aligner Blade Guide (ABG) which provides 7-angle adjustability for the right edge every time, while the Magnetic Angle Guide joins the two! The Aligner Blade Guide (ABG) provides 7-Angle adjustability for the right edge every time and the MAG - Magnetic Angle Guide - joins the two! Provides easy edge-guided knife sharpening.

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