how to join the merchant marines

Join the Merchant Marine as an unlicensed merchant mariner. Students entering the academy declare a tentative major and pursue more specialized studies as the program progresses. All I see is the US Merchant Marine academy online. 1 year ago. How to join the Merchant Marines? Is 4 years of schooling required, or is that just to start in a higher level position? Although the merchant Marines are a civilian counterpart, they often employ ex-marines or trade specialized persons who have graduated the academy. There is another maritime "service" you may not have heard much about, yet, the United States Merchant Marine is arguably incredibly important to the Armed Forces. I am prior enlisted NAVY and I am junior in college, so would they till make me go to their Academy? u/Kalsiddon1. Posted by. 11. Those persons who are lucky enough to get into the Merchant Marines are typically highly trained individuals with backgrounds in the special forces or security fields. How to join the Merchant Marines? Close. Archived. The United States Merchant Marine Academy was founded in 1943 and provides a four-year academic training program for those seeking to become merchant marines. Entry-level mariners do not have afloat skills. I keep hearing about it so I decided to Google it, I read a Wikipedia article about what the Merchant Marine does and I understand it But how the heck do you become a merchant marine?? ? Is there a resource/website available that outlines the requirements to become a cadet in the merchant marines? Like most jobs, unlicensed members of a merchant vessel’s crew are either skilled or entry-level (unskilled) or skilled. How to Apply to the Merchant Marine. Do I have to go through the Academy to join?

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