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Kathryn Marshall . We are fortunate in having an equally committed and talented team of colleagues, providing excellent opportunities within the classroom, as well as in sport, music, drama and dance, appealing to the range of skills and interests your children will already be developing in their current schools and outside. All this together conveys the whole of the Noadswood family working together to sustain the mindful, healthy, successful way we all want to live. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Visitors will always be welcome: Just. Noadswood School, North Road, Dibden Purlieu, Hampshire, SO45 4ZF. Non-teaching Staff*: 19.9. At Noadswood, we cultivate the wellbeing of all, and an ethos of kindness and mutual care. We cannot wait to foster all of these for excellence here at Noadswood. Free school meals. Local authority: Hampshire (850) Headteacher / Principal: Miss Kathryn Marshall Age range: Help with age range field 11 to 16 Phase of education: Secondary School … The school enjoys enthusiastic staff, governor and parental involvement and has an active commitment to colleague professional development for both our teaching and support staff. Kathryn Marshall (BA Hons MA), Headteacher, Noadswood School, North Road, Dibden Purlieu, Hampshire, SO45 4ZF. Our ethos is driven by a conviction that young people deserve to feel happy, safe and that they can enjoy their time in school and beyond, as they grapple with their workloads, their online lives, and a world of complexity and challenge out there. Mutual respect and caring about one another, whoever we are, are at the bedrock of all we do. Parents were updated in a statement issued by head teacher Kathryn Marshall who said someone in the “school community” had tested positive. We will foreground working in partnership with your children and you so that they feel happy, safe, enjoy coming to school and make the best academic progress possible, joining in with the life of the school with enthusiasm and commitment. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Advertisement. Download establishment data. This provision is at the heart of school life, alongside our exciting and rich curriculum, staffed by specialist teachers right across the piece. We want to help them explore their interests, find new opportunities, develop friendships, and feel confident in who they are. Show map. Noadswood is also a place of learning and reflection with all our colleagues, our students and you, ensuring our practice is always reviewed with our eye on real excellence as every year progresses. Noadswood School in Dibden Purlieu had its first reported case on Thursday last week, but as no students were in close contact with the affected person, none was asked to stay home.. If information is incorrect in Get information about schools, please report it to the school. My door will always be open for them, and there will be no idea considered stupid or a problem considered too small – we are in this together. Our academic achievements speak for themselves, sitting alongside the very best in the New Forest area, a strong group of schools and colleges that we are proud to be part of, striving for the best educational opportunities for all. Operational management (the day to day running of the School) is devolved to the Headteacher and Staff. Academy converter. We equally pride ourselves on supporting each and every student into the right next destination from Noadswood with real bespoke care, predicated on the highest aspirations possible for all. Noadswood School Clerk to Governors. I look forward to meeting you and working with you all over the next five exciting years to come! All this is backed by a team of technicians, our premises team and our business and finance support teams, who play a central part in our pride in our school and its environment. I believe that all young people need to feel happy, safe and enjoyment about coming to school – we’re committed to working tirelessly with your children and you, on great days, on tough days and at all points in between, to bring this belief to reality. Headteacher. Headteacher Welcome to the Noadswood family and to a five year educational adventure for your child - I could not be more excited to introduce you all to our school, and I am very grateful to you for trusting us with your children. Address: North Road, Dibden Purlieu, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 4ZF. The head teacher also asked parents to remind their children that in areas of the school where a two-metre distance cannot be maintained, they must wear a face covering, if able. For me, what I enjoy the most is meeting the students regularly, whether that’s around and about the school, welcoming them in in the mornings, in my office for a chat about their incredible ideas or, on a Monday or a Friday breaktime for a Hot Chocolate and a cake, to celebrate the brilliant things they do, in school and beyond.

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