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The RS2200 Cardio has a standard 2 year warranty, but you have to return your machine for warranty purposes and pay for the shipping! Seen on The Doctor’s and the Steve Harvey show, the RS2200 is one of the most popular options on the market. Rock Solid scored 26 on the Company badge, giving them a fail. The RS2200 is a low frequency pivotal machine, which can be found sold under several different brand names. Posted: (4 days ago) The Rock Solid Vibration Machine is a, well, rock-solid choice when it comes to the new vibration exercise machine designs. The machine itself weights approximately thirty (30) pounds and is easily portable otherwise. After a hip injury, I needed to find a replacement for my treadmill. After extensive research I purchased the Rock Solid RS-3000. There are many options out there when you are looking for home gym equipment. Introducing the Rock Solid Whole Body RS 2200 Vibration Machine.. The machine comes with a basic user manual and wall chart. Although the Rock Solid vibration machine is considered a little pricier than some, this is still a highly rated and well-designed and built piece of home gym equipment. SolidRocks interface (GUI) can be compacted at any moment (using the "compact UI" button). attribute benefits from high G machines), and incorrect information about the technology (e.g. The Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machine made by Rock Solid can be ordered on Amazon for $449.00 and $8.99 shipping fees. It provides increased safety, it’s barefoot friendly and creates extreme durability. The one thing these two machines have in common is that they both have the optional arm straps included for more advanced training. Well, with the RS2200 is a choice of 1 to 99 different speed settings for the oscillating device. Variable speed options (99 speed levels). And our recommendation is the RS2200 [pronunciation: R-S-twenty-two-hundred] by Rock Solid Wholesale. If you are bored of doing the same routine or have already tried a vibration plate at your local gym or a friend’s and want one of your own – consider the potential of this one. The GUI can be collapsed at any moment into a mini/essential GUI.. The RS-3000 takes up much less room than a treadmill and there is no stress on my hip. Technology: After a hip injury, I needed to find a replacement for my treadmill. If you want to purchase a bigger, full-size vibration plate, it might be worth checking out the Confidence Fitness whole body vibration machine. It’s simple to use. What The Rock Solid RS2200 Vibration Machine Looks Like. James is a self-diagnosed fitness addict. Rock Solid do not advertise a phone number on their website, no live chat, and their social media pages are rarely updated. There is a 30 day returns policy with shipping both ways payable by the customer. Rock-solid whole body vibration fitness machine consists of ultra streamline design with variable speed options, with a 330lbs weight limit for users. RS2200 Features. It has soft vibrations which serve to give the body a new make-over right from the hip, abdomen and the waist region of the body. 3 easy steps to break concrete or crack split rocks easily: drill, mix and pour. The vibrations are in a rock solid oscillating fashion. There is no innovation from Rock Solid, they are simply an importer of a Chinese private labelled product, operating since 2012. I was able to assemble it in minutes. I love my Rock Solid Vibration Plate. 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty through Rock Solid Wholesale. Use RockSolid™ Professional Anti-Skid Additive to add texture and create a slip-resistant surface in any of the three interior floor coating systems. Please consider a small donation to assist in keeping this service free. That being said, there are a small number of benefits to using a machine like this, unless someone is limited by budget and mostly concerned with a benefit such as improved balance, a machine like the Rock Solid RS2200 will do the job. Spare parts are held by Rock Solid but repairs are by return to Rock Solid and not onsite. To summarize if you are in the market for a replacement or brand new vibration plate machine, this particular model might be a great start. 4 points were awarded for a maximum G force of 3g’s, 0 points were awarded for a high frequency capacity, 10 points were awarded for a low frequency capacity, 0 points were awarded for an accurate frequency display, 6 points were awarded for the platform size, 0 points were awarded for the performance pass, 0 points were awarded for a research proven brand, 0 points were awarded for a research proven model, 6 points were awarded for 6 years in business, 6 points were awarded for the returns policy, 10 points were awarded for parts availability, 0 points were awarded for servicing onsite, 0 points were awarded for personal support. After extensive research I purchased the Rock Solid RS-3000. What can you expect from the speed of the vibrations? Convenient to use … 10 points were awarded for “in the box” support. The RS2200 scored a total of 20 points, making it a fail on the Performance badge. @2020 - All Right Reserved. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a03e74f03d7b758ded15c45fea14cd26" );document.getElementById("gc3ed26147").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 0 points were awarded for online training resources. There are a variety of different benefits you can achieve and they include: Weight loss; Stimulation of muscles and reflexes From our Rock Solid vibration machine review, you’ll learn that it comes fully equipped and is programmable, which is fairly standard nowadays, with many of the most important metrics being tracked. If you’re intrigued and wondering how to actually use a cock ring, here are a few tips to help you out. The Rock Solid RS2200 is a low frequency, pivotal machine, it is a low end private labelled machine from China. 0 points were awarded for courses & workshops. No personal support, online training resources, or courses/workshops are available. Pivotal >> Low Frequency. The Axis-Plate Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Platform... Merax Crazy Fit Vibration Machine Review, Confidence Fitness whole Body Vibration Machine Review, Fully operational LED control panel and screen, 14-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty. Whether you will be exercising mainly at home or between home and the office, this vibration machine from Rock Solid will suit either. No noise, vibration or dust. The Rock Solid vibration platform is just the platform, whereas one like the Confidence vibration machine is a full-fledged machine with handles and such. Keeping with the controls for the machine, it comes with a remote controller so that you don’t necessarily have to bend over, kneel down or crouch to fiddle with the settings. SolidRocks V2 for 3DSMAX Main Interface For ultimate ease of use, SoliRocks comes with modular GUI and useful tools and settings to stay concentrated on creation instead of loosing time on tedious technical settings. A lot more expensive than other models on the market. The RS2200 fails the Warranty Badge due to also failing the Company badge, with a score of 23. There are even straps that can be attached to it that stretch up with you. Dexpan Instruction Non-Explosive Demolition Agent. Even if you want something a bit different from the norm, you can still find a fun and effective way to lose weight and tone up your muscles.. These machines are not a true representation of Whole Body Vibration, and unfortunately due to their low cost, a lot of people own them and never experience the true benefits of the real technology. I was able to assemble it in minutes. Ultra streamline design. The RS2200, has not been used in scientific research, therefore, the RS2200 failed the Science badge with a score of 0. The RS2200 has limited support, scoring 10 and thus failing the Support badge. There is no charitable program advertised on the Vibeplate website, nor could we find any examples of this. After 10 years as a personal trainer he now runs several successful websites and writes for online supplement retailers. James is a self-diagnosed fitness addict and after 10 years as a personal trainer he now runs multiple websites and writes for online supplement retailers. Start with a simple cock ring made of something stretchy like silicone. So whether you are looking for a fast and adrenaline pumping routine or a slow, precise, and tone builder, you can have it both ways and more in this handy little machine to ensure you see the maximum benefits of vibration exercises. This includes speed, time (to ensure you stay within the safe limits), fat burnt off, and you can select and alter settings from the control panel too. 2.0 out of 5 stars Take reviews with a grain of salt - Rock Solid offering an additional year of warranty for 5 star reviews Reviewed in the United States on August 13, 2017 Color: RS2200 Verified Purchase Rock Solid do not advertise correct frequency, and don’t advertise the G force at all.

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