sinkhole areas in florida

I finally gave up, but Bulldog didn’t (hence the name perhaps). © Bulldog Adjusters - 2019. Thank you Bulldog!! Your information will remain confidential. Start with a free inspection! That’s due to Florida’s geology. But don’t despair. Thank you Elizabeth! We have heard of many new complexes going to be built there and much more growth in the area. What can we do about it? After seeing a post there today, I think I’ll scratch Spring Hill off. While a sinkhole can happen just about anywhere, there are some sinkhole areas in Florida that have been home to more than just a few of these catastrophic events. Bulldog adjuster are very professional, on time and very knowledgeable. Sinkholes have a habit of reopening even after they have been remediated. Sinkholes of Leon County, Florida , 2008 This map was created by FCIT and represents reported sinkhole events in Leon County based on data gathered by the Florida Geological Survey (FGS) and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). " Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. Dealt with insurance company so much better than we ever could and we got our money with no issue. Karst areas also contain aquifers. It is one of the worst sinkhole areas in the state. Sinkholes are a common problem in Florida; many homeowners find that their homes are in an area that has developed sinkholes or are prone to develop sinkholes. We provide quality solutions for all of your sinkhole issues. I Highly Recommend this company and would Refer them to anyone. Staff was always helpful & they did all of the footwork & my claim payment was more than I ever expected. If a sinkhole does happen to form on your property, contact the expert sinkhole repair team at Foundation Professionals of Florida. We bought a house and i noticed that the porch is no longer flat. Current laws in Florida require that insurance companies provide catastrophic ground collapse coverage, but depending on the specific criteria, this may not include sinkhole damage. Yes, you read it right! Check out this map of all recorded sinkhole activity in Florida before you buy a home. Just the year before, a 2013 sinkhole claimed the life of Jeff Bush when it opened under his bedroom. My House Is Flooded! You are more likely to file a sinkhole claim if you live closer to the western coast of the state. Most sinkholes are not catastrophic or life threatening. Our team of state license public adjusters serve homeowners in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and New York. Karst is formed when soluble rocks such as limestone are eroded by water. • Trees or fence posts that tilt or fall. • New or widening cracks Interested in discussing your foundation needs with our specialists. The sinkhole is located near the intersection of Woodridge Drive and Davenport Drive. Will My Insurance Cover Flood? Florida is home to the Floridan aquifer which is one of the largest water producing aquifers in the world. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Congratulations on your opportunity in North Port and we hope to say soon, Welcome to Florida! I would never had thought I had a good case, but they convinced me to try, and we won the claim in the amount of more than $48,000! It’s an exciting market in Florida, and it’s a buyers market here currently. Bulldog inspectors were always on property during the insurance company inspections and ensured everything was documented properly. If you are considering buying a sinkhole home, do your homework. Do you feel this could make it more likely to develop sink holes? Anyways, I’m impatient. If you have dealt with a sinkhole before, it is likely you will have to deal with it again. Basically all of Florida is at risk for sinkholes, however the most sinkholes have taken place in Pasco and Hernando counties. I would definitely use their services again. But even when they’re not as severe, sinkhole depressions can cause a lot of problems for homeowners – cracks, plumbing problems, foundation problems, slab leaks and more. If you find yourself in one of the sinkhole areas in Florida and believe you may have sinkhole damage, contact us today. I can only highly recommend their service because without it I would not have stand a chance against my insurance. She’s always available for questions and answers her emails promptly. While the middle of the state … The western side of the state is among the worst sinkhole areas in the state. With more of the state covered by homes and businesses there are higher chances these homes and businesses could be impacted by a sinkhole. Not all sinkholes are as devastating, but the area known as sinkhole alley generates two thirds of the sinkhole claims in the state. We’ll be in touch to answer your questions! So prior sinkhole activity can mean you are in one the of the likely sinkhole areas in Florida. But like every part of Florida, development is growing and now there is more at risk. Now you know some of the most likely areas for sinkholes in Florida. I highly recommend them. Many insurance companies rely on regional maps that show zones of sinkhole occurrences and are based on local geology as well as historical sinkhole activity, or possibly private sinkhole data. Sinkholes can open voids beneath the foundation of your homes, which causes them to sink or settle. • New small ponds that appear after rain. However, specific sinkhole coverage is now available for many situations. Cape Coral did have a sinkhole scare last September near Ida Baker High School and Gulf Elementary School. This client didn't think that their roof leak can, Welcoming a new year and a new decade! When trying to decide whether or not you should purchase property on a sinkhole area, consider what kind of insurance is available to you and determine if the benefits outweigh the risk. A good friend suggested we get an adjuster and gave me Bulldogs’ business card. The areas in orange and yellow are also fairly susceptible to sinkholes as well. It was going to be in Hudson at Lakeside or Spring Hill at Villages of Avalon.

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