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Pre: Wingstop. Congious was working and already wearing the mask. During the dispute with her supervisor, Congious asked how to request her two-week’s notice, according to Fort Worth Star Telegram’s Brian Lopez. All of this happened on August 3. “Whataburger wants you to wear a mask that has no opinions whatsoever on them,” the manager said in a video recording taken by Congious. The Whataburger is in a historically black part of town, according to reports. But Congious says she didn’t resign. The full family comes in four different variations, Regular, Italic, Shadow and Extended. He and Congious see it as a racial thing, not a matter of abiding by the dress code. Sale. The complaint lists five steps of action Whataburger and the public need to take. The supervisor said that her mask carried a political message, which is not allowed. There is a hiccup here, though, for Whataburger. It is a political movement, not just a warm and fuzzy statement. Companies have dress codes, especially when all the employees wear uniforms. Whataburger Holiday Hours 2020. By the end of 2012, there are over 735 Whataburger stores across the Southern United States region. Apart from hamburgers, this restaurant is well known for its distinct A-framed orange-and-white stripe-roofed […] Whataburger says the woman will be paid for two weeks she was scheduled to work. They aren't open for all holidays, though. The public should boycott Whataburger for 90 days to see what actions the company takes to show that “Black Lives Matter.”The company should allow Black Lives Matter masks.The CEO should say “Black Lives Matter to Whataburger” on social media.The company should provide more implicit bias training.The company should celebrate Juneteenth starting next year. “Whataburger supports racial equality,” the statement read. Quick view Out of Stock. Published: September 26, 2020, ... “If we allow any non-Whataburger slogans as part of our uniforms, we have to allow all slogans,” a Whataburger representative said in a statement. They maintain peace in the workplace and, more importantly, don’t offend customers. Smith, Congious’ lawyer, said “Federal and state law make it illegal to discriminate against an employee in the terms and conditions of their employment because of their race and color. She said she was just asking about the process and had not decided to leave her job. The company’s mask policy doesn’t specifically address political statements. That’s why we’re thrilled to share our plans to refresh our restaurant design and expand into new markets, starting with new restaurants in Tennessee and Kansas City. “I asked for them to explain it to me. It is a place that feels like home to more than 43,000 employees, who we call Family Members, and millions of customers. Ready to Serve New Neighbors From curbside and delivery service to new menu items, Whataburger is always looking for innovative ways to best serve you. The police were called because she made threats to management. Because she continued to ask her supervisor about it, she says the police were called. Apart from hamburgers, this restaurant is well known for its distinct A-framed orange-and-white stripe-roofed buildings. Karen TownsendPosted at 4:01 pm on September 26, 2020. Biden Injures Himself While Playing With His Dog, Tongues Are Wagging. The headquarter is based in San Antonio, Texas. $45.99. For her, Black Lives Matter is a statement and there’s no political affiliation. ... "If we allow any non-Whataburger slogans as part of … “The problem arises when disagreement translates into disrespect.”, Breaking: PA supreme court tosses challenge to mail-in ballots, Trump: I’m ashamed that I endorsed Brian Kemp, D’oh, de Blasio: On second thought, let’s open the schools again, COVID-19 outbreak on Oregon mink farm among people and animals confirmed, Here is how this year’s visit with Santa Claus will be different, It’s on: Carter Page files $75M lawsuit against FBI, DoJ — and James Comey, Eric Clapton joins Van Morrison in lockdown song, Outrage from the left ensues, Bourgeois libertarianism could save America.

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