where to buy snails for farming

We are based in Garryhill, Co. Carlow, Ireland and we have been researching and farming snails since 2013. It takes territory of 60 ha. Come take a look. Snail farming is a good choice for anyone who wishes to start small scale farming, because it is easy to set up, does not require huge investments and is not highly risky. Being in a natural habitat, our snails have all the conditions for normal growth and successful development. We do everything here on our own home farm from breeding, raising to harvesting. The couple became interested in snail farming when a friend, who is a chef, complained that it was difficult to source snails for the restaurant market in South Africa, as suppliers were unreliable and tinned snails were unpalatable. We also get a lot of rainfall as we are in a temperate rainforest. Welcome to Gaelic Escargot, Ireland's first snail farm and the only Research and Development Centre for the production of escargots. I have 5 acres on Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula. 6) A good irrigation system is crucial for maintaining a healthy food source and ensures the snails are kept active for eating, breeding and growing. 7) Snails need a diet rich in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. It is a family run business with everyone pitching in. Currently about ¼ acre is under development for the farm. Steven. And they're off !!! They now breed the Helix aspersa Müller (brown garden snail) species specifically for the consumer market and have imported breeding stock from Greece. Remoteness from large cities favorably affects the quality of their meat and increase in population. 5) A true organic free range snail farm should only use natural fertilisers. A years long research led us to the beginning of Exclusive Escargot the Irish snail farm, and we havent looked back since. The total consumption of snails in 2014 was estimated around 450.000 tons; Only 15% (67,500 tons) of this amount comes from snail breeding unit; In 2014 the total worldwide market of the consumption of snails has reached 12 billion dollars; In France, in 2010 there was a lack of 90,000 tons of snails due to their high consumption. Curiously enough, it exists on roughly the same latitude as some of France’s most productive farms. Buy live snails wholesale The farm «Snails House» located its fields in ecologically clean area. We specialize in rearing and distributing free-range escargots for domestic and international markets. With the right snail farming business plan and quality snail farming equipment this could be a very rewarding hobby. Where is your snail farm located and how big is the farm?

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