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We use cookies to improve your website experience. 1690. English Mercantilist, founder of "political arithmetic" William Petty, "the most rational man in England", as Samuel Pepys called him, or a "frivolous, grasping, unprincipled adventurer" as Karl Marx (1859) preferred, was born the son of a clothier in Romsey, Hampshire. That France cannot by reason of Natural and Perpetual Impediments, be more powerful at Sea, than the English, or Hollanders. It was by him stiled Political Arithmetick, in as much as things of Government, and of no less concern and extent, than the Glory of the Prince, and the happiness and greatness of the People, are by the Ordinary Rules of Arithmetick, brought into a sort of Demonstration. Chap. 1. Given at the court at Whitehall the 7th Day of Novemb. These general Observations, and that Men eat, and drink, and laugh as they use to do, have encouraged me to try if I could also comfort others, being satisfied my self, that the Interest and Affairs of England are in no deplorable Condition. III. Chap. William Petty. Political Arithmetick. THE Principal Conclusions of this treatise are: CHAP. VII. Chap. Chap. Political Arithmetick CHAP. That one tenth part, of the whole Expence, of the King of England's Subjects; is sufficient to maintain one hundred thousand Foot, thirty thousand Horse, and forty thousand Men at Sea, and to defray all other Charges, of the Government: both Ordinary and Extraordinary, if the same were regularly Taxed and Raised. Franz Duncker, 1859; MEW Bd. This chapter introduces William Petty and his invention, political arithmetic, setting both in historiographical perspective. William Petty: And the Ambitions of Political Arithmetic | Ted Mccormick | ISBN: 9780199547890 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Add to cart, Registered in England & Wales No. He was allowed by all, to be the Inventor of this Method of Instruction; where the perplexed and intricate ways of the World, are explain'd by a very mean peice of Science; and had not the Doctrins of this Essay offended France, they had long since seen the light, and had found Followers, as well as improvements before this time, to the advantage perhaps of Mankind. Save up to 80% by choosing the eTextbook option for ISBN: 9780191571718, 0191571717. The Method I take to do this, is not yet very usual; for instead of using only comparative and superlative Words, and intellectual Arguments, I have taken the course (as a Specimen of the Political Arithmetick I have long aimed at) to express my self in Terms of Number, Weight, or Measure; to use only Arguments of Sense, and to consider only such Causes, as have visible Foundations in Nature; leaving those that depend upon the mutable Minds, Opinions, Appetites, and Passions of particular Men, to the Consider- ation of others: Really professing my self as unable to speak satisfactorily upon those Grounds (if they may be call'd Grounds), as to foretel the cast of a Dye; to play well at Tennis, Billiards, or Bowles, (without long pradice,) by virtue of the most elaborate Conceptions that ever have been written De Projectilibus & Missilibus, or of the Angles of Incidence and Reflection. That a small Country, and few People, may by their Situation, Trade, and Policy, be equivalent in Wealth and Strength, to afar greater People, and Territory. Restore content access for purchases made as guest. That the Power and Wealth of England, hath increased above this forty years. This paper is part of the research project MTA Lendület Morals and Science. That the Rents of Lands are generally fall'n; that therefore, and for many other Reasons, the whole Kingdom grows every day poorer and poorer; that formerly it abounded with Gold, but now there is a great scarcity both of Gold and Silver; that there is no Trade nor Employment for the People, and yet that the Land is under-peopled; that Taxes have been many and great; that Ireland and the Plantations in America and other Additions to the Crown, are a Burthen to England; that Scotland is of no Advantage; that Trade in general doth lamentably decay; that the Hollanders are at our heels, in the race of Naval Power; the French grow too fast upon both, and appear so rich and potent, that it is but their Clemency that they do not devour their Neighbors; and finally, that the Church and State of England, are in the same danger with the Trade of England; with many other dismal Suggestions, which I had rather stifle than repeat. And particularly, How conveniences for Shipping, and Water Carriage, do most Eminently, and Fundamentally, conduce thereunto. Sorry, the 50 eprints allocated to the author of this article have all been used. Describes how in the 17th century, the Englishman William Petty proposed the idea of "political arithmetic" - i.e. London, Printed … The method of political arithmetic elaborated by William Petty in the 17 th century is usually taken to be an instrument of better governance aimed at practical utility, and lacking any theoretical support in a natural philosophical sense. Chap. USD 44.00 Source: This e-text was prepared by Rod Hay and posted at the Archive for the History of Economic Thought, McMaster University, Canada, April 1, 1998. Premission is granted to re-post so long as this credit remains in place.Rod Hay's 13, S. 38f. Sir William Petty . X. I. Forasmuch as Men, who are in a decaying condition, or who have but an ill opinion of their own Concernments, instead of being (as some think) the more industrious to resist the Evils they apprehend, do contrariwise become the more languid and ineffectual in all their Endeavours, neither caring to attempt or prosecute even the probable means of their relief Upon this Consideration, as a Member of the Common-Wealth, next to knowing the precise Truth in what condition the common Interest stands, I would in all doubtful Cases think the best, and consequently not despair, without strong and manifest Reasons, carefully examining whatever tends to lessen my hopes of the publick Welfare. Written: 3rd Edition, 1690 3099067 It argues that Petty's … *. That the King of England's Subjects, have Stock, competent, and convenient to drive the Trade of the whole Commercial World. È uno dei primi autori a cercare di dare un fondamento scientifico allo studio dell'economia e al pensiero economico.

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