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True believer in this as we did a comparison against a U87 ($3500 mic) with an MXL V67 ($99 mic) using a. In the sample we tested, the V67G’s capsule (backplate) is polarized to +35VDC. The Neumann U87 condenser microphone is a staple in many mic lockers and offers a high degree of sensitivity, clarity, and precision for voiceover work and modern vocal performances. They may look quite similar, and they indeed share a number of similar features such as the switchable polar pattern, pre-attenuation pad, and high-pass filter. ... (which I actually got for $50) – an MXL V67G – which I *love* as a vocal mic. The MXL V67g Mod (MXL 2001) The V67 is a great platform to mod because the front end of this mic is a copy of the Neumann U87. (See also: MXL V67G Vs MXL 770) Technical Specs However, like many other MXL mics, MXL 770 can be very bright. You’ll find the U87 … Beneath the capsule, the microphone circuitry is the same as in the V67G (also a cardioid FET condenser): it is a 2-stage FET circuit, with the first stage more or less a copy of the Neumann U87, … MXL V67g $100.00 . I conduted extensive tests on this microphone and … Thanks … So, which one is better? ... cheap microphones, as well as Despite the similarities, there are a few distinctive features between Neumann U67 vs U87 … Neumann U67 and Neumann U87 come from the same family of condenser microphones. If you surf eBay you can find AKG C414’s for around $600, and neumann u87 …

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